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501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics by Dave "Landshark" Norman is the best paintball strategy, paintball safety, paintball tactics, and paintball tips book on the market. He also writes for Action Pursuit Games, FaceFull, Jungle, and Paintball Sports magazines. Keep up with his adventures and publications with the "Newswire" below!


Nationwide (12 Dec 11)—Free Shipping Sponsored by Blast Radius Woodsball Podcast

Wayne Montle of Blast Radius Woodsball Podcast really got Dave in a Christmas mood during their interview, and they worked out a deal--in honor of their interview about "501 Paintball Tips," there will be FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING between now and Christmas day on ALL copies of "501 Paintball Tips" purchased through this site! So click on over to the purchase page and get your AUTOGRAPHED copy now...with free domestic shipping!

Worldwide (11 Dec 11)—501 Paintball Tips Featured in World Paintball Library

Paintball legend Guy Cooper just announced that Dave Norman's book 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics is featured in the World Paintball Library, by way of being in the Paintball Collector's Guide! We confirmed it, finding the book listed on page 31. Check out their website for more information, and so you can download a FREE digital copy of the Paintball Collector's Guide!

Nationwide (8 Dec 11)—Dave Interviewed by Blast Radius Woodsball Podcast

Dave was interviewed by the Blast Radius Woodsball Podcast last evening, and had a fantastic time talking about his love for paintball! Check out the BRWP right here: !

St. Louis, MO (7 Dec 11)—Dave Interviewed by St. Louis Magazine

Dave was interviewed by Jeannette Cooperman for "St. Louis Magazine," and the resulting Q&A is a lot of fun to read. Check out their conversation, and get some insight into Dave's adventures, by reading the article here!

North Carolina (6 Dec 11)—Thanks, New Reader Mary!

Mary in North Carolina is one of our newest readers, and joins more than thirty new readers around America who have picked up copies of "501 Paintball Tips" just in the last few weeks! Thanks to the dozens of players who will be opening their mail from "501 Paintball Tips" world headquarters to find signed copies of paintball's best strategy and how-to book!

Following Josh

Worldwide (1 Oct 11)—"Following Josh" is Now Available!

Follow the true story of Dave "Lanshark" Norman's adventure across Asia and Europe by rail in his latest book, "Following Josh!" The paintball content is all in the Moscow chapter, where he is taken on a whirlwind tour of the Russian paintball scene, and brought to a top secret facility where Russian paintball tanks are made, tested, and perfected for their epic scenario games! The rest of the book is the travelogue and memoir of Dave's adventure from China to Poland by rail. Don't be the last of your friends to read "Following Josh"...pick up your autographed copy "right here"!

Portland, ME (2 Apr 11)—White River Junctions

Dave's latest book, "White River Junctions", is now on sale at bookstores throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, and eight specialty shops in the Upper Connecticut River Valley! The other evening its sales performance on Amazon was better than all paintball books on Amazon! Check it out, buy your copy, and watch its sales rank race against "501 Paintball Tips" on Amazon's Bestsellers List!

Worldwide (20 Mar 11)—Gear Reviews Forthcoming in APG!

We can't tell you what Dave has been reviewing, but this month he disappeared into the wilderness with a giant box full of new products from some industry-leading names...and a case of fresh paint he promised to put "to good use." Check out "Action Pursuit Games Magazine" all this season to see how our sport's top equipment fares in Dave's field tests!

White River Junction, VT (4 March 11)—Dave's Newest Book!

Tonight at the Hotel Coolidge in White River Junction, Vermont, Dave is going to release his latest book: "White River Junctions," the story of a small river town with a big history in New England. It's a departure for Dave from paintball, and one that reflects his work in more mainstream formats. Check out "White River Junctions" and see what else the wild-adventuring paintball journalist is up to!

Portland, ME (10 Jan 11)—Gearing Up!

Dave is gearing up to bring you a fantastic 2011 reading season in Facefull, Jungle, and Action Pursuit Games magazines, as well as around the internet...and of course, in the industry's continuously top-selling book 501 Paintball Tips. If you don't have your copy yet, buy it now!

Grass Valley, CA (6 Jan 11)—Fresh Copies Available Now!

501 Paintball Tips is now available--again--at JF Paintball in Grass Valley, California! After selling out during the holiday rush, they have just taken stock of a new batch of the best paintball strategy, paintball safety, and paintball tactics guide available! Say hi to Jeff, John, and their regulars for us!

Worldwide (25 Dec 10)—Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dave Norman wishes you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukha, Kickin' Kwanza, and generally glorious religious, secular, and spontaneously invented holiday of your choice. That ought to cover all the bases, right? Now, off to play some stock class paintball in the snow!

Portland, ME (1 Aug 10)—New Home in Maine!

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics, your guide to the best in paintball information, paintball safety, and paintball tactics, now ships from our new office in Portland, Maine! Hello, New England 'Ballers--glad to be your neighbor!

New York, NY (16 May 10)—Back to Work!

With copies of 501 Paintball Tips now in India, Nepal, and with new readers in Germany, Dave's latest whirlwind tour is complete--time to settle back into the groove and work on more cutting-edge articles for your favorite paintball magazines. Follow Dave's latest work in Action Pursuit Games, FaceFull, and Jungle!

Delhi, Uttar Pradesh (9 May 10)—Playing Paintball in India!

Sumeet Sandhu of The Paintball Company in Delhi was kind enough to show Dave around the Indian paintball scene...and it's really cool to see our sport emerge from the dust of construction sites in one of the world's fastest-growing economies! Copies of "501 Paintball Tips" circulated through the Indian capital, and Dave met some great people who are making our sport really take hold in India!

Providence, RI (9 January 10)—Providence Bash

Dave will be at Providence Indoor Paintball this Saturday from 10am until the last ball bursts, helping a great group of people discover our sport. It's all in support of the acclaimed archeologist Carrie Swan. Bring your marker and join us in epic indoor winter speedball!

Finland (29 December 09)—"501 Paintball Tips"--In Finland!

Many thanks to my newest readers, who now include Mikko in Finland! Thanks to all of your support, and Mikko's dedication to paintball, copies of "501 Paintball Tips" have made it to more than twenty countries! Your kind readership helps me prove that being a writer is a totally valid post-college plan...thanks!

Worldwide (25 December 09)—Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to paintball players around the world, around the block, and around the web. Thanks for making 2009 a great season for playing, writing about paintball...and spreading my book around a few new markets. Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Australia (6 November 09)—501 Paintball Tips Now Available Down Under

"501 Paintball Tips" is now distributed in Australia by Direct Paintball Imports (Tel: 0413546231), who have taken possession of the books and are ready to bring them to you! Have fun guys; it's cold here, but should be just about perfect for some Australian paintball!

Bangor, ME (5 November 09)—Welcome New Readers!

A big thanks to Matt in Missouri, and all the readers on who help keep "501 Paintball Tips" the #1 all-paintball strategy, tactical, and technical tips book! If you like your copy, give one as a gift this Christmas season--I would be honored to inscribe it for that special paintball player in your life.

Romania (4 September 09)—New Reader in Transylvania!

Hey Orban in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, your book is on the way, buddy! I hope you enjoy it, and spread the love of paintball far and wide. If you make it to the US scenario scene, let me know and we'll catch a game somewhere.

Grass Valley, CA (29 August 09)—JF Paintball has 501 Paintball Tips back in stock!

Players in the Sierra Nevadas can once again purchase signed copies of "501 Paintball Tips..." at JF Paintball on East Main Street in Grass Valley. I dropped into their store this summer and met the Fatal Paint crew and a couple area players--good times! Thanks for reading, Grass Valley!

Columbia, IL (28 July 09)—Power House Cheer Pics

If you're a parent or gymnast after the Power House Cheer pics--they have nothing to do with paintball--the link you want is right here. Those are the pics I took Monday evening at Power House Cheer as part of the Columbia, IL Sesquicentennial Photojournalism Project. You can learn more about that here.

Internet (27 July 09)—Welcome New Readers!

"501 Paintball Tips" was the number one paintball book on Amazon for a while today, thanks to a surge of new readers checking us out from word of mouth, word or web, and the bios at the end of my articles in magazines throughout the sport. Thanks for reading, and thanks for checking out the site. I can't wait to see you at the fields this weekend...especially if you're in southern IL this month!

Worldwide (18 July 09)—Dave Norman .net Is Up!

There's a lot more to my photography and writing than just paintball. Check out my other site for the straight scoop on my photojournalism, essays, fiction, and other book projects!

Worldwide (22 June 09)—New Readers!

Shout out to my new readers today: Tyler (good luck in your tourney next month), Bryan from Illinois, and Leigh in Australia! Thanks for keeping our sport strong, and for grabbing your copies of "501 Paintball Tips" directly from the author. I hope you enjoy the inscriptions!

Wyandotte, OK (14 June 09)—OK D-Day

Congrats to the Axis team at Oklahoma D-Day on your history-revising victory. Allies: Way to go with helping Jake McNeice and Don Ray attend the event.

Blackfeet Nation, MT (12 June 09)—Loving the Outdoors

Life on the Reservation is interesting--I'm with the Blackfeet Indians here east of Glacier National Park, having a grand time on the plains. Good people, dodgy town, sadly, no paintball...but loads of hiking, mountain biking and whitewater adventures. Montana rocks!

Grass Valley, CA (25 May 09)—Thanks to Fatal Paint!

Thanks for welcoming Dave to your Memorial Day BBQ and games yesterday at the airport--good times! Ajnin set up some one-on-one paint-pistol duels that were loads of fun, and Dave got a lot of great pics for the magazines. See you 'round, guys!

Worldwide (25 May 09)—Memorial Day Wishes

A very humble and heart-felt thanks to America's servicemen and women, past and present, who honorably defend our freedom and way of life. Your sacrifices are remembered and appreciated every day of the year, and especially today. Special thanks and recognition to the families of our service personnel, too, for the support they give and sacrifices they make on the homefront. God bless!

Mtarfa, Malta (24 May 09)—Shout out to Raymond!

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics is now being read on the Mediterranean isle of Malta! Thanks, Raymond! Read a chapter on the beach for me!

Worldwide (21 May 09)—Check out the August APG!

Next time you pick up your August copy of Action Pursuit Games, you'll see Dave's handiwork right on the front--he took that cover shot in Kuala Lumpur during the World Cup Asia tournament. Thanks, APG, for running that picture! Inside, be sure to check out Dave's articles: "Rumble in the Jersey Jungle," p93; "Alex Beats Leukemia--With Paintball!" p74; "9 Volts of Furious Power," p40; "Big 5 for Sasquash," p75; and a few more if you can spot all his pen names!

St. Louis, MO (20 May 09)—Thanks To My New Readers!

With the August APG hitting the stands, signed copies of 501 Paintball Tips are flying off Dave's desk! Thanks Richard from Parsippany NJ, Austin from Husum WA, Douglas from Gautier MS, Blake from Columbia IL, and everyone too numerous to mention! Your support keeps the dream alive! Rock on guys!

Grass Valley, CA (18 May 09)—Mad Dash Across the US!

Dave made it across the Rockies, through Death Valley, and up Highway 1 along the California coast, and is now situated in an idyllic spot in Grass Valley, California. If you play paintball anywhere near there, drop him a line! For the next few weeks, he'll be shipping signed copies of 501 Paintball Tips and working hard to finish "Following Josh," his next literary endeavor.

New York, NY (23 April 09)—Writer's Digest Reviews "501 Paintball Tips!"

501 Paintball Tips competed quite strongly in open competition against other non-fiction books, and received this review from "Writer's Digest": "This book is handy for the novice or expert player. It contains a great deal of information for a person who has never even played the game. The author's love for the game comes through in force." Hopefully now the reviewer is going to gather up their friends and go try paintball!

New York, NY (23 April 09)—Goodbye, St. Louis!

Dave is off on the next leg of the Great Cross-Country Odyssey, leaving St. Louis today for California via New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado! The adventure winds up in Grass Valley, so if you live anywhere near there, drop him a line and let him know all about the scene out your way.

Millstadt, IL (18 April 09)—Thanks, St. Paul UCC Youth Group!

Thanks to Pastor Chris, Blake, Christian, and all the guys who welcomed me into their paintball group today. We had a great time at Xtreme Paintball Park, playing through the downpour and sliding through the mud. Check out the enclosed staging area and all the other work done at this field--way to go Tore!

Pittsgrove, NJ (25 March 09)—Congrats to Da Reservoir Dogs!

Congrats to all of the winners of the STC Paintball tourney at USANA this past weekend, especially Da Reservoir Dogs. For earning third place, the Dogs each took home an author-signed copy of "501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics." The top three teams were: 1st: Misdirected Hostilities, 2nd: XIII Legionnaires, 3rd: Da Reservoir Dogs, 4th: Special Ops.

Millstadt, IL (23 March 09)—St. Paul UCC Game in Illinois!

Dave will be signing books and leading a group from the St. Paul United Church of Christ in Columbia, Illinois, out for a new-player-orientation day of paintball at Xtreme Paintball Park in Millstadt on April 18th. A great group of folks mustered by Pastor Chris, they include a few experienced players and a lot of newbies looking for some good, easy-going fun. Care to join Dave and the group? Call for reservations, (314) 452-8990.

Green Bay, WI (22 March 09)—Thanks, Badger Brigades!

Thanks, Badger Brigades, for a fantastic welcome in Green Bay! Dave has never seen anything quite like Nelson Paintball's indoor field at "The Bar," really enjoyed breakfast at Chez Bernice--yes, Landshark and Ghostwolf camped out at grandma's house! Thanks to everyone who bought their copy of "501 Paintball Tips," as the proceeds went to cover Dave's roundtrip gas and help the Badger Brigades too. See you in the forthcoming articles, and hopefully in person real soon.

Green Bay, WI (20 March 09)—Badger Brigade Signing!

Dave leaves today for the Badger Brigade game and meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin! He's off to check out the paintball scene up north, take pictures and cover their event. He'll have a case of "501 Paintball Tips," so if you don't have your copy yet for the '09 season, pick one up from him in person!

International (16 March 09)—Want Press?

How do you get press for your event? Contact the paintball magazines, and request Dave Norman to come and cover it! The magazines don't pay travel expenses, but Dave can always work something out depending on your location and schedule. He's looking for events to cover in central California in May, Montana in June, Tennessee in July and August, Maine in September and October, and if you're abroad--drop him a line and let's get the news out! You can have Dave set up a book signing, too, as something extra for your players. Drop him a line today!

St. Louis, MO (8 March 09)—Hello, Midwest!

Dave is back in the Midwest, covering events at Xtreme Paintball Park in Millstadt, Illinois, reviewing gear and researching articles on Paint Louis. In the neighborhood? Drop a line, and let's go play some paintball!

New York, NY (28 February 09)—Goodbye, New York!

Dave is no longer based in New York City, and will be spending the next year traveling the country playing paintball, researching articles, finishing his next book, and having book signings from coast to coast. G'bye, Big Apple!

Johnson, VT (30 January 09)—Following Josh

Dave just wrapped up his writer's retreat, and has the first 120 pages of "Following Josh" written. Look for that title some time in 2010 from the publisher with the best offer--it's going to be great!

Johnson, VT (16 January 09)—Writer’s Retreat

Dave is ensconced in a writer’s retreat in northern Vermont, where he’s working on his next two books. They’re not about paintball, but you’ll love the true story of two men traversing the world by train, and his collection of humor essays. It’s -21 degrees right now, so he’s clammed up tight in his office, working feverishly on those manuscripts. He has a case of “501 Paintball Tips…” in the office, and is ready to ship exclusive author-signed copies via Priority Mail at a moment’s notice. Just for you. Because you deserve nothing less than the best, and he’s grateful for every reader. Especially the readers who don’t shoot him while he’s photographing scenario events!

St. Louis, MO (12 January 09)—Toys for Tots Success!

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of “501 Paintball Tips…” from Dave at the Toys for Tots charity signing events in New Jersey and Missouri, and thanks to everyone who bought a copy from Real Action Paintball’s website during the promotional period. This update is a bit late, but you all came through just in time last month. KT Tran at Real Action Paintball partnered with Dave to donate proceeds from sales of “501 Paintball Tips…” during the Christmas shopping season to the Toys for Tots charity, which provides clean, safe, new toys to kids in underprivileged circumstances. Dave spent a day before Christmas shopping around with musician and composer Suraj Prashad, buying dozens of toys with the money raised. Check out the picture above to see some of the musical instruments, toy cars, stuffed animals, action figures, Frisbees and balls and everything else your donations provided the kids this past Christmas! Thanks everyone, and thanks to the US Marine Corps for their traditions of service and compassion with the Toys for Tots campaign.

St. Louis, MO (10 January 09)—Coming Soon

With Paintball 2 Xtremes gone and Paintball News “ceasing publication for a while,” we’re down two great resources…but you can still find Dave’s writing and that of a lot of other great paintball journalists every month in Action Pursuit Games, Jungle, Paintball Sports, and FaceFull. Coming soon to an index of Dave’s published paintball articles in those magazines over the last few years. Put the tactical and strategic articles together, and you’d have a volume comparable in length and scope to “501 Paintball Tips…” but nowhere near as handy. Check out the book, thanks for buying the magazines that kindly publish him, and see you on the field in ’09!

Worldwide (1 January 09)—First Day of the ’09 Season

Happy New Year, and welcome to the ’09 season. Best wishes to everyone playing a New Year’s Day game today!

Worldwide (25 December 08)—Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year when you get there. May your days be jolly and bright, and may all your paint hit the mark.

Online (19 December 08)—Last Day for Certain Christmas Delivery!

December 19th is the last day to order your signed, personalized (if you like) copy of “501 Paintball Tips” for pre-Christmas delivery! All copies ship 2-3 Day Priority Mail, so today’s the day—order now! Orders received after today will be shipped immediately, but may cut the timing a little too close, so click here and get your copy now! Remember to visit Dave at “Not Just a Bookstore” in St. Louis tonight, and the SEMO Gun Show in Cape Girardeau, MO tomorrow and Sunday!

Pittsgrove, NJ (15 December 08)—Toys for Tots Signing Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Shots for Tots charity event at USANA last weekend to support the Toys for Tots charity…and to have a great time! $5 from each copy of “501 Paintball Tips” Dave sold went straight to the Toys for Tots, and now a few more kids will receive toys from the US Marine Corps this Christmas season. Thanks everyone, and Dave wants to send a huge thank you to airsoft team C3, who donated $1,000 to the Toys for Tots at the event. You guys rock!

St. Louis, MO (14 December 08)—St. Louis MO Signing Confirmed!

Dave just confirmed a signing at “Not Just a Bookstore” on Delmar Ave in St. Louis, MO, for this Friday—December 19th! Check out the paintball tips, tricks, and tactics, paintball sponsorship, paintball strategy, and paintball safety in "501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics"! Dave will sell and sign books starting at 6pm, and then at 7pm, spoken word performers will take the floor to showcase some amazing talents and cutting poetry. Check out the paintball book, take in some spoken word, and get your weekend started off right!

Cape Girardeau, MO (8 December 08)—Gun Show Signing Coming Up!

Mark your calendars for the SEMO Gun Show in Cape Girardeau, coming up on December 20th and 21st. Dave will be there with cases of books to sell...and some paintball markers and other gear! Doors open at 9am, and he’ll be there until they kick him out at night.

Online (2 December 08)—Top 9,000 on Amazon!

You aren’t the only person reading “501 Paintball Tips” this holiday season! Thanks to all of the players, readers, and other supports for helping the book break into Amazon’s top 10,000 best sellers! Today at 3:05pm, we were ranked #8,953 (out of several million)...that’s pretty good for a paintball book, and you made it happen! Thanks! If you still need a copy, author direct sales (like through this website) are your best chance to get an author-signed copy...and your only chance to get a custom inscription. Happy Holidays!

Online (25 November 08)— Reviews 501!

Thanks to Dawn Mills for her sterling review of “501 Paintball Tips Tricks and Tactics” on If you aren’t familiar with the World And Regional Paintball Information Group, then check out their game coverage, press release archive, product reviews...even streaming video. You’ll find the link to Dawn’s review right there on the main page! Thanks WARPIG! You helped get the word out about this paintball strategy, paintball safety, and paintball sponsorship guide!

Grass Valley, CA (30 November 08)—JF Paintball Stocks “501 Paintball Tips”

Players around Grass Valley can pick up a copy of “501 Paintball Tips” in person from JF Paintball!

New York, NY (22 November 08)—Back in the US

Back from Borneo/Malaysia/Thailand, Dave is ready to ship personal and wholesale orders of “501 Paintball Tips,” with whatever (reasonable) inscriptions you like! Check out major paintball magazines in a few months for the first of his “Malaysia ‘08” articles, and check back here frequently for updates on where to find his latest work.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (21 November 08)—Hashing with Damansara

Thanks, Damansara! Last night Dave hashed with you, and on his way through the airport was exhausted, sore...and blissfully happy. He had a great time on the jungle run, really enjoyed dinner, and sends his thanks to Sandra for showing him around the music scene. Always great to hash with the Hash House Harriers—best wishes!

Chiang Mai, Thailand (17 November 08)—Greetings from an Inland Paradise

Dave is recovering from WCA by taking in the sights, sounds, and food of Thailand. If you’re in Chiang Mai, look him up. Adventure awaits!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (16 November 08)—Congratulations to WCA winners!

After three days of very impressive paintball at the National Sports Center in Bukit Jalil, the sixty teams across three divisions have been whittled down to the top four in each division. Dave was field-side every day capturing the action with brand new photographic gear, and is please to supply these stats fresh from the players’ party: Division I: 1st: Infernal, Thailand; 2nd: MacDev Ronin, Malaysia; 3rd: Xtioneer, Malaysia; 4th: SWAT, Australia; Division II: 1st: Real Pinoy, Philippines; 2nd: WASP Black, Australia; 3rd: Killer Beez, Malaysia; 4th: Iron Sea, Malaysia; Division III: 1st: Johor Pirates, Malaysia; 2nd: Romeoz, Malaysia; 3rd: Undeath, Malaysia; 4th: D'Mercy Kids, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (15 November 08)—Sold Out at World Cup Asia!

Thanks to Napshot Paintball for hosting the official book signing at WCA ’08! Dave sold out of an entire case of books in under three hours! Thanks to everyone who came and said hi—Andy, Tika, Jas, Paul, Gary, and everyone else. And of course: thanks to Napshot for hosting! If you live in Malaysia and still need a copy of “501...,” talk to them—but hurry, as they’re going fast.

Kuching, Borneo (10 November 08)—Discovering Borneo...and Eastern Malay Paintball!

Dave is on the ground in Kuching, in Malaysian Borneo, poking around and trying not to pass out asleep in his “teh tarik.” Thanks to Andy, Tika, and Jas, his newfound friends and tour guides...he can’t wait to visit the longhouses and see everything Kuching has to offer.

Online (12 November 08)—Action Village Carries “501 Paintball Tips”

Action Village, online purveyor of fine things paintball, stocked “501 Paintball Tips”...until they sold out! The book is now available again, and just in time for end-of-season shopping.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (6 November 08)—Leaving on a Jet Plane

Dave will be on a plane bound for Asia this evening, case of books and case of Action Pursuit Games--the January issue--in the hold. Come on out and meet the author, get your autographed copy of "501 Paintball Tips," and smile for his camera at the Paintball Asia League Series "World Cup Asia" Nov 14-16. Got a story? Got a bucket of Tiger to share? Go say hi to Dave.

USANA, NJ (3 November 08)—Congrats to TTPL Winners!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Tactical Ten Paintball League woodsball tourney this past weekend, it was a great event to cover and watch! Dave had a record setting book signing, too, thanks to scores of fantastic readers--you guys rock! Congrats to the XIIIth Legionnaires for their amazing 10-point-margin win! Congrats to The Saints for their second place finish, Team Total Tactical for taking third, and the REservoir Dogs for fourth. Cantru, I hope your 8 hour ride 7-deep in a single overloaded van...through Customs...was safe. Everyone, great to see you, and best wishes!

USANA, NJ (31 October 08)—TTPL Book Signing coming up!

Dave will be signing and selling copies of "501 Paintball Tips" at the Tactical Ten Paintball League scenario tourney this weekend at USANA in NJ! Play in their event, cavort at their costume party...and talk to Dave about the best way to take out a tank! Say hi at his booth, and get a free copy of Jungle Magazine!

Cape Girardeau, MO (30 October 08)—Hasting's Book Signing Arranged!

Dave's publisher just arranged a book signing at Hasting's book store in Cape Girardeau, MO, for Saturday, December 20th, from 6pm to 9pm. Check out their music, games, and books, and pick up a few copies of "501 Paintball Tips"--they make excellent Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/birthday presents...and Dave will gladly write a personalized message to your friend, son or daughter, or teammate!

Cape Girardeau, MO (29 October 08)—Cape Girardeau Gun Show Book Signing!

Dave will be at the "SEMO Gun Show" in Cape Girardeau on Saturday December 20th from 9am to 5pm, and Sunday December 21st from 9am to 3pm, to sell and sign copies of "501 Paintball Tips." He'll also have some gear for sale, just in time for the holidays!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (28 October 08)—World Cup Asia Book Signing!

"501 Paintball Tips" went international with a book signing in England even before it hit stores...and now Dave is flying to Asia to cover the Paintball Asia League Series "World Cup Asia," and have a book signing in Kuala Lumpur! This marks the first time an American paintball author has had a book signing in Malaysia...and he'll have copies of the November Action Pursuit Games to hand out--that's the issue with the Malaysian scenario article and Malaysian cover photo! Shake hands with Dave, and ask him: how do you get sponsored? He'll help you out...and sign your book!

On Stands Soon (22 October 08)—World Cup Articles Out Soon!

The PSP World Cup was a success, and attracted hundreds of teams to stormy, balmy, sun-ravaged Florida. Catch Dave's full coverage of World Cup Asia in a forthcoming issue of Action Pursuit Games, and on the front page if a forthcoming issue of Paintball News. Learn all about Jose chasing pterodactyls, the poor show that closed out the D1 finals, the huge Edmonton Impact upset in the NXL, new gear from Tippmann and Medusa Paintball...and much, much more. But if you want to learn about booby traps, field tactics, and hot gear mods, you're going to need a copy of "501."

Orlando, FL (26 October 08)—Congratulations World Cup Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who played in the PSP World Cup this past weekend--just playing in the 'Cup is a dream come true for so many players. Congrats to D4 Cash Money Killers (1st), Seattle CDR (2nd), Texas Select (3rd) and Air Assault Factory (4th). D3: Overhead (1st), Boom (2nd), Midwest Arson (3rd) and Storm (4th). D2: Miami Rage (1st), Braves (2nd), Rogue (3rd), and Bronx (4th) NCPA: Purdue Boilermakers (1st) and Army Black Knights (2nd). XBall D3: Fierce Army (1st), Team Unlimited (2nd), Chicago Wiseguys (3rd), and Wrecking Crew (4th). Master's: DraXxus All Stars (1st), Ego Maniacs (2nd), Wild Bunch (3rd), and Wicked (4th). D2: Vicious (1st), Palm Beach Vipers (2nd), Damage (3rd), and RNT All Stars (4th). And, of course: congrats to the pros, too: Los Angeles Ironmen (1st) and the Philly Americans (2nd) and Edmonton Impact, who had the upset of the entire tourney. Thanks to everyone who said hello and asked about "501 Paintball Tips" when you saw me walking past...see you at the next big one!.

Online Soon (22 October 08)—A Face for Radio?

Dave will be participating in a new online initiative, somewhere on the internet, that pairs his strategy and event reporting articles with streaming audio, so you don't have to strain your eyes to get the latest in technical and tactical tips...straight from the writer's own mouth. Check back here after World Cup for more details!

Orlando, FL (20 October 08)—Dave "Landshark" Norman at World Cup!

Dave will be at World Cup all this week, taking photos, doing interviews with players and teams, and covering the event for Action Pursuit Games and Paintball News. If you have a cool story...tell him! If your team saved money by having a paintball-themed bake sale, or washing cars on a street corner, or hitchhiking to Orlando...tell him! He'll have a bunch of copies of "501 Paintball Tips" in his backpack, so tell him a story, buy a copy...and good luck in your games!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (15 October 08)—Paintball Asia League Series Coverage!

Dave just confirmed details on a trip next month to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to cover the PALS "Asia World Cup" event! He'll be field-side with camera and recorder in hand, getting all the interviews and inside stories on paintball in Asia...and taking some day trips around the country to seek more paintball in exciting places. Check the mags in a few months for the scoop, and if you're going to be at the event, flag him down--he'll have plenty of copies of "501 Paintball Tips" to sign and sell!

New York, NY (5 October 08)—Amazon Sold Out...Again!

Thanks to loyal readers, sold out of "501 Paintball Tips"...again! That's four times since the book debuted this season! Remember, you can pick up your copy here, and Dave can sign it just about any way you like. It costs a few dollars more than Amazon, but it'll get to you in about 3 days and you'll have a custom, signed, copy--with an inscription made out to you (or someone else for a Christmas present) if you like! Just let Dave know when ordering. Thanks for all of your support; your readership is greatly appreciated.

New Milford, PA (28 September 08)—Congratulations Castle Conquest Attackers!

The attackers, led by "Darth" and Blue's Crew, along with a host of other well known scenario and big game teams, took Castle Aaarrgh in near-record time! Dave was there shooting pictures of every rain-soaked, mud-smeared minute of the pure paintball insanity. Thanks to the Ferrymen and Misdirected Hostilities for their fantastic hospitality, the Canadians for an awesome party, the refs for a safe time, and everyone who stopped past the 501 Paintball Tips book signing booth to say hi!

Coast to Coast to Coast (19 September 08)—Forthcoming in Jungle Magazine!

The next issue of Jungle Magazine, that woodsball publication put out by the Facefull folks, will have the next in the Dark Arts series of tactical articles...and another interview. Check it out when it hits stands, and sign up for the Dark Arts: Guerrilla Warfare course at Castle Conquest on Friday, September 26th!

On Stands Soon (18 September 08)—APG November Issue Sneak Preview!

Want to know what Dave has in the November issue of Action Pursuit Games? Shh...don't tell anyone, but he's got an article in the T'n'T section, the Oklahoma D-Day article, another called "The Move," the big article on the Cousin's Big Game, and a bunch of photos. Major congrats to Desmond Foo and the Malay paintballers for his fantastic article...and cover shot!

New York, NY (17 September 08)—All is go for World Cup!

Dave will be covering the PSP World Cup in Orlando, October 22-26, and will bring you all the thrills, excitement, and new-for-'09 gear. We'll mention some of it here, and write about all of it for Action Pursuit Games and Paintball News. Check back for book signing information, as he'll be signing copies of 501 Paintball Tips throughout the week!

Millstadt, IL (12 September 08)—Dirtlife Team Profile!

Dave is proud to announce that he'll be following team Dirtlife through their D3 games at World Cup in Orlando! He'll be working on a profile piece with photos for one of your favorite magazines. Want to get the hookup on free press like Dirtlife and other teams are getting? Find out all about getting sponsored--and getting noticed--in 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics. The info is all in there--and it's working for lots of teams already!

Nationwide (8 September 08)—Shark Tips in your PB2X!

If you haven't checked out Dave's monthly column in PB2X yet, you really should--Shark Tips brings both speedball and woodsball tips to you every month in a quick, simple, effective column. The October issue should be on stands now, or soon, depending on your area. Check it out!

News Stands Everywhere (7 September 08)—October APG Articles!

Want to know how to keep from getting burned by your smokegrenade? Check out the October issue of APG. Dave tells you all about that, and more. He also wrote the tactical flashlight review in the Scenario Secrets column, reviewed the Smart Parts Ion XE, and advocates for a cleaner field in "Leave (Almost) No Trace." Want some tips? Read 'em in 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics!

International (1 September 08)—Jungle Magazine Articles!

On stands now: a strategy article in Jungle Magazine, and an interview. Who? Pick up a copy and see!

On Stands Now! (25 August 08)—APG September Issue Sneak Preview!

The September Action Pursuit Games magazine is out, and has several articles by Dave "Landshark" Norman (a few by other names). Check out "Tools for Paintball," your comprehensive review of pocket knives appropriate for work around the field.

New Milford, PA (13 Aug 08)—Dark Arts: Guerrilla Warfare

Dave will be teaching the Dark Arts: Guerrilla Warfare clinic at Fall Castle Conquest, EMR Paintball, New Milford PA on Friday, September 26th. The clinic will cover booby traps, from their construction to their deployment, as well as night maneuvers. The clinic starts promptly at 7pm, so meet early at the 501 Paintball Tips booth in the vendor's area. Dave will be assisted by "Jake," a Private Military Contractor, with whom Dave has developed some Irish Republican Army and Mujahedeen -inspired booby traps and guerrilla tactics for paintball. To learn all about the clinic, and the adaptability of guerrilla tactics to paintball, click here. The cost is only $25 in advance ($30 day of the event), and includes a free copy of 501 Paintball Tips! Other than a steak served by a beautiful member of the gender of your choice, what more could you ever possibly want in the world?

New York, NY (12 August 08)—Friends? Everyone has 'em!

It's been a long, long time in coming, but this website is finally starting to reflect the fact that the author actually has friends in this world. Click here to see the new page with links to Gary Baum's fantastic paintball photography site, Paintball 2 Xtremes magazine, the Texas Roughnecks, etc. Are you a friend of the author's? Are you a fan of 501 Paintball Tips? Would you just like to swap banners? Email us (just remove the JUNK~ ~JUNK from the address--they guard against spam-bots) and let's set something up. So long as you're legit and a true paintball supporter, we can do a banner swap or something...'cause you can never have too many friends.


Newsstands (1 August 08)—Shark Tips on stands now!

Check newsstands for the current issue of PB2X (Paintball 2 Xtremes), where Dave "Landshark" Norman has a new monthly tactics column. If you have a subscription, check the table of contents; everyone else, hit up your local Borders, Barnes and Noble, or--in some places--Wal-Mart, and flip through until you find some of the most cutting-edge tactical analysis of our sport. There should be a link at the end of the article right here--thanks, everyone who found this page from that magazine! If you like what you read, pick up next month's issue for even more. Each article takes a few related tactics from 501 Paintball Tips and explores them in great depth. Want more? Buy your autographed copy here; purchases through this site directly benefit the author, and help him stay in paintball journalism rather than selling out to some dull mainstream job. So, learn something, support independent art, and support your local paintball writer--see you at the field!


Fort Kent, ME (27 July 08)—200 Miles of river? Bah!

After paddling from Lobster Pond to Fort Kent, the author and his wife, Dr. A.R. Norman, have arrived safely in Fort Kent, Maine. They spent a night in a swamp, lived off the kindness of Jack and John in Chesuncook, hitchhiked with an 18 foot canoe, and made it to the Canadian side of the border ahead of schedule. Shipping on personalized copies of 501 Paintball Tips will recommence posthaste!


Greenville, ME (16 July 08)—Setting canoe!

Good luck, Dave and Annie, as you enjoy your honeymoon. Today, they're setting off by canoe for 11 days of back country paddling and camping as they conquer the last 200 miles of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in Maine. Shipping is still quick on signed copies, but if you've requested a personalized inscription on your copy of 501 Paintball Tips, shipping will have to wait until they get back. Good luck guys--watch out for bears!


Warren, NH (12 July 08)—Dave and Anastasia are getting Married!

Congrats to the author and his wife, Anastasia, as they begin their new lives together today! More planning went into their ceremony than Custer’s last escapade, but hey, look what happened to him… Shipping will be a bit sluggish until August 4th, when the author returns to civilization from his honeymoon. All orders placed will be shipped asap, but as Dave and Annie will be paddling a canoe through Maine and into Canada, please be patient with delivery. They truly appreciates your direct purchase through this site—especially as the wedding bills start rolling in!


New York, NY (3 July 08)—Republic-Times article!

Welcome, Waterloo Republic-Times readers! Thanks to Mark McNamara for a fantastic article in today’s issue. Be sure to check out his article—well written and entertaining, Mark did a fantastic job writing about the author’s life and adventures as a paintball journalist. If you’re a Waterloo-area reader, be sure to check out all of the fantastic paintball fields in the greater St. Louis area: Xtreme just south of Millstadt, Wacky just north of Millstadt, Bushwackers in Pacific, MO…you live in a great area for paintball! Be sure to pick up a copy of “501 Paintball Tips”—it’ll help you immensely the next time you play.

New York, NY (2 July 08)—Charity Ebay Auction Successful!

Thanks to everyone who placed a bid on the charity copy of “501 Paintball Tips” up on the eBay auction following OK D-Day. Thanks to the sale price and an additional donation made by Bob B., the winning bidder, more than $40 went to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project!

Ashtabula, OH (28 June 08)—North vs. South Clinic Success!

65 people turned out for the North vs. South game at Big Pearl Paintball in Ashtabula. Thanks to the generosity of Jeremiah and Jason Keeler, I was hired to give a paintball clinic to all attendees. We ran through a tactical maneuvers course, snap shooting drill, discussed how to disappear in plain sight, the physics of accuracy, and much more—all accompanied by a pizza lunch. Mad thanks to Matt and Niki for the company, and Mrs. Keeler for her hospitality!

New York, NY (23 June 08)—Engler-Sponsored Shipping has ended!

Thanks to Engler Custom Paintball Guns, a number of loyal readers saved a few bucks on shipping. There are no plans at the moment for future sponsored shipping deals, but if anyone would like to explore a co-marketing plan, drop a line.

St. Louis, MO (17 May 08)—Charity Ebay Auction to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project

In the Oklahoma D-Day spirit of camaraderie, patriotism, charity and respect, Dave is running an Ebay auction now through 9:30pm (central time) on Sunday. Search for 501 Paintball Tips, and you’ll find the ebay auction “501 Paintball Tips Tricks book OK D-Day Charity Auction.” 100% of proceeds will go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity organization that helps wounded servicemen and women once they come back home. The book is autographed by the author, Ken “Psycho” Moore, Bill “Wilhelm” Bailey, Boomer, Buckshot, Wooky, Eric Engler, Dewayne Convirs, and many more big names from the OK D-Day game. The text is a fantastic guide to paintball, and this commemorative autographed copy is a fantastic piece of paintball history…with a great charity benefiting from your winning bid. Good luck!

Wyandotte, OK (15 June 08)—German team wins OK D-Day!

Congratulations to Uber-General Wilhelm Bailey and his dedicated crew of Axis players on their decisive win over the returning champion Allied team. The Allies, under Ken “Psycho” Moore, won in 2007, and under Jim “Hangernaid” Helton, won in 2006 as well. Next year, the Allies will be led by Boomer, who promises to avenge this year’s 500 point anachronism. Check out Dave’s forthcoming articles on OK D-Day in “Action Pursuit Games,” “Jungle,” “Paintball News,” and “Paintball Sports.” They’ll start hitting in about a month, and then the associated articles will start appearing this fall. Look for a one-year-later update with Anne Elmore, the 56 year old grandma who played D-Day this year…with a foot still broken from a nasty tumble out of a tree last month. Look, also, for a bevy of profiles and gear reviews.

New York, NY (13 June 08)—“Shark Tips” forthcoming in Paintball 2 Xtremes magazine

In support of 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics, Dave will have a monthly tips, tricks, and tactics column in Paintball 2 Xtremes magazine. Look for the first installment of “Shark Tips” in the August issue, and then monthly thereafter. It’s a fantastic forum to read some of his best tips, explained in great detail. If you like what you see, check out the book for 501 more of the same!

Wyandotte, OK (11 June 08)—On the Ground in Oklahoma!

Dave is on the ground at the D-Day Adventure Park, covering the week-long Oklahoma D-Day scenario event! Stop past his booth for a free copy of “Action Pursuit Games” magazine and chat him up. The cute girl there when he’s gone, taking pictures on the field: she’s Anastasia, his fiancée, and she’s a dedicated player in her own right. Ask about 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics, and pick up a free hydration kit with every in-person purchase!

Ashtabula, OH (15 May 08)—Skills Seminar coming up at Big Pearl Paintball in Ohio!

Mark your calendars for June 28, 2008--the author will be running a Paintball Skills Seminar at Big Pearl Paintball in Ashtabula, Ohio, during their Civil War Big Game weekend! During the afternoon of Saturday, June 28th, Dave will be teaching you tactical running and gunning, how to disappear in plain sight, how to ambush a squad, run devastating small fire team maneuvers, etc. Sign up online now at

Date: Saturday, June 28
Cost: $20 pre-registered, $25 day of, includes an autographed copy of 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

Time: Afternoon
Cost: $20 advance, $25 day of
Includes: Autographed copy of 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics, a thorough skill seminar

Wyandotte, OK (14 May 08)—Oklahoma D-Day Signing Confirmed!

Dave "Landshark" Norman will be covering Oklahoma D-Day for a slew of paintball magazines, and every moment he's not on the field or stealing a nap in someone's RV, he'll be signing copies of 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics. Get your copy before the game so you'll be ready to dominate in the first scenario on Monday...or pick one up from Dave in person. Look for the guy in the yellow full-head-protection-goggles (hey, they come in handy!) with a 501 Paintball Tips book poster taped to his backpack...or find his booth, wherever it gets set up!

Oklahoma D-Day: June 9th-15th
D-Day Book Signing: June 11th-15th
Time: Daily, and highly unpredictable
Location: D-Day Adventure Park, outside Wyandotte, OK


Coram, Long Island (NY) (17-18 May 08)—Cousin's Big Game signing!

The author will be covering the Cousin's Big Game at their Coram, Long Island field this coming Saturday and Sunday! He is on track to cover the event for Action Pursuit Games and Jungle. Cousin's Paintball will be selling copies of 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics at their vendor booth, and the author will be on hand off and on throughout the weekend to sign copies! If you spot him with the 501 Paintball Tips poster taped to his backpack, stop him and say hi!

Then on the field, do something cool and he'll try to get your picture for the magazines. Come on out to a 2,000+ player game, meet the author, and pick up your copy!

New York, NY (13 May 08)—Number One on Amazon!

Thanks to a number of awesome paintball players, field owners, and store managers, as of 2pm today 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics is the number one selling paintball book on! This ranking will change, and it may fall behind other options, but hopefully 501 Paintball Tips will lengthen its lead. Players around the world are snapping up copies, with several more shipped to England this week (shout out to Richard and Laura in Plymouth)! Another retailer picked up a case, and copies get mailed just about every weekday. Your best bet for an autographed copy is right here, through this site.

You're welcome to save a buck or two elsewhere, but sales through our secure PayPal payment button are really appreciated—the royalties Amazon pays are not what you'd think...

Thanks, Paintball Community, for making 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics number one among paintball books on Amazon!

New Milford, PA (25-26 April 08)—Castle Conquest Book Signing!

The author will be at the always-fabulous EMR Castle Conquest game this weekend, Friday and Saturday, covering the event for a whole host of magazines…and signing copies of 501 Paintball Tips! Look for his posters, and follow them to meet the author and pick up your copy of the sport’s hottest, most thorough, most technical how-to book! Keep watching the paintball press for Dave’s articles, his new columns coming in several publications—check back for more information!

Millstadt, IL (20 April 08)—Xtreme Paintball Park signing!

What do an Ion XE, SureFire flashlights, and a case of books have in common? They’re all products the author brought to Xtreme Paintball Park today, as he finished up the Ion XE product review for APG and tested the SureFire flashlights on some tactical rails. The case of books? They went fast at this unofficial book signing, and now Xtreme stocks copies for sale in their pro shop!

Columbia, IL (19 April 08)—Columbia Public Library Signing!

The author sold a number of books at the Columbia Public Library today, spreading the message of safe, fun, and creative paintball. The author is thankful to the Columbia Public Library for hosting the event, a rarity for the library, and is grateful for the warm welcome he received back in his home town.

Pacific, MO (12 April 08)—Successful signing at Bushwackers Paintball!

The author visited Bushwackers Paintball in Pacific, Missouri, a fantastic facility dedicated to woodsball…with a bit of speedball in the name of balance and choice. Several fields were under seasonal flooding and terrible weather wracked their part of Missouri, but these environmental challenges did not daunt the seventy players who turned out for open play and private groups. They stopped past the author’s table and invited him to join their open play group, and despite Mother Nature, a fantastic time was had by all. Missed your chance to get a copy? Buy one from their pro shop next time you go!

Wentzville, MO (05 April 08)—Wacky Warriors Customer Appreciation Day

The author shared a tent with a martial arts team at the Wacky Warriors Customer Appreciation Day. Several hundred players turned out for a tourney-come-scrimmage, free pizza, the Monster Energy Drink street team appearance, and a live remote from 105.7 The Point. Players chatted with the author about speedball tips and how to disappear in plain sight, and then broke boards with the martial arts team. When the author challenged one guy to break a board with his face…he did! Watch for the author’s article in an upcoming issue of Paintball News, and his survey of paintball fields around Paint Louis.

Columbia, IL (12 March 08)—Monroe County Clarion article hits stands

The Clarion Journal newspaper in Monroe County, Illinois, has a great article on 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics on Page 3 of today’s issue. Dave began his paid writing career with them in 2001, covering local news and writing profiles on local business owners. It was terrific training. While covering an article on local paintball, Xtreme Paintball Park field owner Sal Briguglio invited him to the tournament where he met Jessica Sparks (who penned the Foreword) and Dan Reeves. They launched his career as a magazine writer, and the rest is history.

Dave has great memories of writing for the Clarion, which still publishes his occasional articles. He is very thankful for their article, and their support. Well written Kevin; thanks Garren!

New York, NY (27 February 08)—Madly Writing Articles

Dave is back in New York City after quite the February promoting the book and covering paintball from Vegas to London. Look for his articles every month in Action Pursuit Games, Jungle, Paintball Sports, and Paintball News. The SHOT Show and UK articles will start hitting print next month!

Meanwhile, domestic and international shipping are good to go, with copies ready to be autographed and shipped the day you order them (orders received on weekends or after 3pm will be shipped the next business day). Expect 2 to 3 business days for domestic delivery, and 6 to 10 for international delivery—wholesale prices are available for large orders, and we truly appreciate your business!

Paris-London-Kuala Lumpur (20 February 08)—Worldwide Shipping Good-to-Go

With successful shipments to California, Asia, England, and France, we are happy to report that international shipping is fully operational! For more than two copies, inquire about special shipping rates and arrangements to get your copies quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Thanks to our international customers—you guys are keeping paintball strong for all of us! Let me know how I can help.

Plymouth, England (12 February 08)—UK Distribution Underway!

The author is in Plymouth, England, the guest of an amazing network of paintball players. One English businessman took wholesale delivery of the UK’s first 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics wholesale shipment!

Dave covered the Bawtry Paintball scenario game, a series of five miniature scenarios that pitted the United Kingdom Scenario Team against “Everyone Else.” It was a 37-vs-144 showdown, with amazing pyrotechnics and a lot of fantastic people.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (07 February 08)—First Malaysian Shipment Dispatched!

The first wholesale shipment of 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics is headed for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The industry’s hottest new book is on its way to one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. With luck, the author will return this December to cover the Paintball Asia League Series World Cup again, and have a signing for all the Asian players who believe in playing paintball better, safer, and more creatively.

Las Vegas, NV (04 February 08)—Successfully Launched!

The book successfully launched at the 2008 SHOT Show, enjoying an energetic reception. The author distributed copies to field and store owners, and made important contacts with various paintball businesses. Most importantly: the SHOT Show was a lot of fun!

Las Vegas, NV (01 February 08)—Book Launch on February 2nd at the SHOT Show!

The author will be at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas this weekend, Saturday February 2nd through Tuesday, February 5th, signing autographs at the Wellco booth. This is the book’s official launch and the world’s largest civilian shooting and outdoors equipment show! Tippmann, JT USA, and Paintball Sports will be there, along with several thousand companies in the shooting, hunting, and camping industries.

Look for the 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics signing at the Wellco booth whenever I’m not somewhere else drooling over gadgets or meeting with distributors.

New York, NY (29 January 08)—First copies ship February 7th!

The first copies have arrived at the International Affairs Desk, and are ready for distribution after the SHOT Show this weekend. Copies are available from the author, and directly from Tate Publishing.

On April 29th, the book will also be available for sale through,, and

Purchases made through this site can be autographed with any reasonable inscription, and a lot more of the proceeds go to the author!