About the Author


Dave Norman began playing in 1996 at Wacky Warriors in Millstadt, Illinois. In his first game he charged three players with a rental Tippmann SL68 pump and got lit up in grand style. Standing there dripping paint and stinging, he laughed like a madman and fell headlong in love with paintball.


Five years later he started writing for Action Pursuit Games magazine, discovered stock play at Xtreme Paintball Park, abandoned his other professional aspirations, and became a “paintball journalist.”


Dave’s articles appear in Action Pursuit Games, Facefull, Paintball Sports, Paintball News, Paintball Magazine, Warpig.com, and newspapers, literary magazines, and travel magazines around the country.


501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics is the culmination of more than a decade’s experience as a player and seven years as a paintball journalist. Dave has published more than 500 paintball articles, including many on the subjects covered in this book. He writes articles on improving your safety and that of those around you, honing your practical skills, cleaning and repairing an ever-increasing number of markers, outwitting your opponents, and living up to your potential as an athlete.


Dave also covers scenario and tournament events around the world, including the NPPL, PSP, Oklahoma D-Day, SPPL, the Invasion of Normandy, TTPL, Castle Conquest, NEPL, PALS, and just about everything else. He is a tireless advocate for paintball and publishes articles on our sport in the mainstream media, including online and print resources. In 2001 he traveled to Wisconsin, along with  other industry advocates, to testify before the state legislature and helped win a ruling that protects paintball players throughout the state.


A 2004 graduate of Westminster College, 2006 graduate of Dartmouth College’s Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies program, and an unapologetic international freeloader, he’s hitchhiked to federal disaster areas and slept on couches around the world.


Got a good story, and a soft place to sleep? Drop him a line...


Personal Philosophy on Paintball

Paintball is the greatest sport I have ever seen, played, or heard about. Nowhere else do brothers play on equal ground with their sisters, fathers play on the same teams—at all levels of play—with their children, or do moms have such a welcome chance to play alongside their families. There are no gender, age, height, weight, color, or creed discriminations inherent in paintball...and mixed-gender teams are prevalent throughout.


Try finding that in any other sport.


Paintball is also accessible to many disabled people. Players come with bad knees, artificial limbs, and every now and again I catch a glimpse of someone in a wheelchair—they might not be able to cover the same amount or type of terrain as your average teenager, but they can still play competitively. This is because paintball demands intelligence and shooting skill even more than physical ability. Where disabilities prevent some athletes from competing, this is not necessarily so in paintball; the players generally are also the warmest, most welcoming athletes you’ll find.


Ours is a lifetime sport, meaning that you can play at any age...and don’t have to stop unless you choose. With no age limits and a true “play as you are able” feel, paintball can be enjoyed by anyone from ten (the average limit based on field insurance policies) to the oldest person you know.


The more players we, have the more fields we can support, and the more products our companies can develop—paintball advocacy keeps the sport strong for everyone. This book is written with an emphasis on making paintball accessible to and safe for players and potential players of all backgrounds, ages, experience, and skill—including experts and pros—so that you can get more out of paintball...and get more friends into it!

The sport is good to me, and I have seen it help a lot of people make friends, get in shape, and rediscover the outdoors. I am privileged to be a full-time writer specializing in paintball, and truly hope that this book will help more players discover our sport safely, effectively, and make it a lifelong passion.

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