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501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics features woodsball, speedball, scenarios and tournaments, and includes chapters dedicated to technical tips, tactical maneuvers, and even staying healthy as you perform at the peak of your abilities. Click on the photos above to see the Table of Contents, and read samples from the Woodsball, Speedball, and Technical Tips chapters!


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Foreword by Jessica Sparks

She is one of the foremost advocates, proponents, and authorities on the sport of paintball. A player since the 1980s, she has published hundreds of articles in dozens of magazines. She has worked in a variety of jobs related to paintball, and has justifiably earned the title "a legend of paintball."

Jessica has also spoken on behalf of paintball in more boardrooms, classrooms, and legislature halls than she can remember. The author is proud to work with her on paintball advocacy, and publishing articles in Action Pursuit Games magazine!


Preface by Marc Gottfried

He is one of the National Professional Paintball League’s premier referees, and an authority on paintball safety and tournament tactics. A player since the early 1990s, Marc has long been involved with paintball team Total Greif.

Marc has an imposing collection of historical markers that chronicle his advance into the elite ranks of our game, and stories from every epoch. The author is honored to have his preface in 501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics.


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